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Chief Rico Bryson

Serving Since: June 28, 2018
Chief Bryson began his career as a Firefighter in 2005 when he joined the City of Jackson Fire Department in Jackson, TN.  In July of 2008, he was promoted to Training Officer and later became Director of Public Fire Education. 

Chief Bryson was appointed as Assistant Fire Chief in June 2018 and Fire Chief on the 3rd February 2019.  Over his 14-year career Chief Bryson has been certified in many areas of the fire service such Haz-Mat Technician, Firefighter I & II, Instructor I & II and Fire Officer to name a few. 

Chief Bryson holds an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Fire Science from Kaplan University and a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University.  Chief Bryson is also a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin WestStar Leadership program and a graduate of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce Leadership Jackson where he earned the Jewel Award of Excellent. 

Chief Bryson and his wife of 19 years have two wonderful children whom they spend a lot of their time.  Faith, family, and friends are the foundation of the Bryson family.  Chief Bryson is active in the community and is enthusiastic anytime he has the opportunity to serve.

FF Patrick McLaughlin
Assistant Fire Chief Patrick McLaughlin
Serving Since:  May 24, 2010


FF Jimmy Johnson
Fire Inspector Jimmy Johnson
Serving Since: February 27, 2008


Administrative Assistant Vicky Vaughn


 Company A

Captain Shawn Railey

Captain Shawn Railey
Serving Since: March 6, 2001


FF Cary Petitt

Firefighter Cary Petitt
Serving Since: August 28, 2008

Firefighter Brandon Crimmons

Firefighter Brandon Crimmons
Serving Since: June 1, 2014


firefighter silhouette

Firefighter Craig Flora 
Serving Since: April 3, 2016

firefighter silhouette

Firefighter Luke Maholland
Serving Since: July 1, 2019




 Company B

Captain Rob Brewer

Captain Rob Brewer
Serving Since: April 19, 2004

FF Ronny Vradenburg

Firefighter Ronny Vradenburg
Serving Since: May 14, 2006

FF Keith Jerde

Firefighter Keith Jerde
Serving Since: July 8, 2009

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Firefighter Tav Matthews
Serving Since: February, 8, 2016

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Firefighter Andrecus Boyle
Serving Since: April 30, 2019

firefighter silhouette

Firefighter Blake Garrett
Serving Since: May 1, 2019


Company C 

FF Michael Fisher

Captain Michael Fisher
Serving Since: August 24, 2010

FF Richard Dorris

Firefighter Richard Dorris
Serving Since: May 22, 2001

FF Brad Williams

Firefighter Brad Williams
Serving Since: August 31, 20018

FF Matthew Detlefsen

Firefighter Matthew Detlefsen
Serving Since: July 7, 2009

firefighter silhouette

Firefighter Justin Whitaker
Serving Since: August 21, 2017

firefighter silhouette

Firefighter William Gaull
Serving Since: August 29, 2019