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The White House Fire Department continues to improve training, skills and services so that the community may be better served and protected. All City of White House firefighters are required to become certified Journeyman firefighters by the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting. The Fire Department's training program that is approved by the Tennessee Commission of Firefighting includes 40 hours of in-service training. There is an additional 200 hours of firefighter training for each career firefighter and 48 hours of firefighter training for volunteer firefighters required each year.

To effectively serve the community, the White House Fire Department offers the following services: 

Fire Emergencies 

The Fire Department responds to all fire related emergencies in the incorporated city limits of White House. These may include structures, brush and grass, and vehicle fires. The priorities of the department include incident stabilization, life safety, and property conservation. Our employees are continually trained in the best methods to apply these priorities to save lives and property. 

Medical Responses 

The White House Fire Department provides its citizens with emergency medical care under the medical direction of Robertson County Emergency Medical Service. All fire personnel are trained as medical first responders up to the Emergency Medical Technician level. We respond to medical emergencies and rescue situations within the city to treat and stabilize patients before they are transported to a medical facility. The department also provides other rescue services that include: vehicle extrication, forcible entry, and other rescue activities that require the use of hydraulic tools, air bags, and cutting tools. 

Hazardous Materials Emergencies 

The Fire Department responds to all reported hazardous materials incidents within the city of White House. We operate at an awareness level hazardous materials response. This means we identify the hazard, evacuate citizens if necessary, try to contain the hazard, and call an outside agency to clean up the environment. 

Fire Cause / Arson Investigation 

The Fire Department strives to determine the cause and origin of all fires reported within the city. This enables us to recognize trends and patterns and possible courses of action if arson is suspected. We work hand in hand with the White House Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division and the Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office to better protect our citizens and prosecute arson cases within the city. 

Fire / Life Safety Code Enforcement 

The Fire Department conducts annual Fire Prevention Inspections on all commercial properties within the city. Inspections are also conducted prior to a Certificate of Occupancy being issued by the city's Codes Department. Inspections will also be conducted in homes if requested by the homeowner. Inspections are conducted by two State certified Fire Inspectors. 

Burn Permits 

Any outside burning requires a burn permit, which is issued by the White House Fire Department. Residential burn permits are issued at no charge. Simply complete the Burn Permit and review the Burning Rules and Regulations. You may either complete the form and submit it to the Fire Department  or submit the completed form via email. Commercial burn permits must be obtained in person, at the Fire Department and is subject to a $50 fee.