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Rental Rates
Anyone wishing to reserve the auditorium, gymnasium or senior center must pay a $50 deposit in addition to the rental fee. This $50 deposit will be refunded if, and only if, the rented facility is left in a clean and orderly manner. Please check with the supervisor on staff before leaving; this person will determine if the facility has been appropriately cleaned.

Anyone who reserves the gymnasium, auditorium, senior center or a shelter at the Municipal Park or Municipal Recreation Complex must pay in full at the time the reservation is made. Any reservations made for the Civic Center facilities must be made no later than Thursday at 5:15 pm during the preceding week.

Contact the Parks Department at (615) 672-4350 ext. 2114 for additional information about reserving and renting city facilities. 

You can also find more information and make reservations from the RecDesk Facility website.


Civic Center

All rates are per hour.

$31.25 - Residents
$62.50 - Non-residents

$37.50 - Residents
$75.00 - Non-residents

Meeting Room
$18.75 - Residents
$37.50 - Non-residents


Municipal Park

All rates are per hour.

Shelter 1 & 2
$  5.00 - Residents
$10.00 - Non-residents

Shelter 3
$10.00 - Residents
$20.00 - Non-residents


Municipal Recreation Complex

All rates are per hour

$15.00 - Residents
30.00 - Non-Residents

Fran Hutson Amphitheater
All rates are per hour
$37.50 - Residents
$75.00 - Non-Residents