Planning and Codes

Contact Information

The Planning and Codes Department is committed to providing superior planning, building, inspection, and public information services to all interested parties. Please click on the following links to view a draft of the City's Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Plan Map. 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update Project: Draft Land Use and Roadway Maps and Future Land Use Implementation and Transportation Recommendations


Includes land use and growth administrative services, development plan review, and zoning administrration.


Includes building inspections, permit issuance, building plan review, and answering building code and construction questions.

Property Maintenance

Includes enforcement of violations of municipal codes concerning tall grass, inoperable/unlicensed vehciles, and dirty/overgrown lots.


Includes maintaining, filing, and updating (when applicable) records pertaining to planning and appeals board meeting minutes, building and dvelopment plans, comprehensive land use plan, major road thoroughfare plan, zoning maps, zoning ordinance, subdivisision regulations, commercial design standards, adopted building standards, adopted building codes, floodplain maps, etc.

Customer Service

The Planning and Codes Department has developed a Guide to Opening a Business in White House. It includes a list of steps involved in the process as well as contact information.